I have been the proud owner of Canon cameras for almost 40 years.  My first camera was a ftb and then I got a F-1.  Then I moved up to a AE-1.  I then backwards for awhile and had an Olympus and then I returned and bought several several digital Canon Rebels.  Then several years ago I moved up and bought a Canon 7D. My daughter has not got the photography bug and I was trying to decide what kind of camera I should get her.  Even in a couple of years cameras have continued to progress.  So soon it is decision time. I looked at what camera I could get for a discerning usually responsible 17 year old. I ruled out the T6i as the T6s looks like such a better camera.  But should I spend more and get her a 70D or should I just give her mine and move up and go full frame.

There a host of issues but what can I buy where should I buy it and how should I make that decision.

This is an article that looks at how the T6s compares to the 70D


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Canon T6s vs 70D: How Do They Compare? If you’re in the market for a new DSLR, the choice between the new Rebel T6s and the slightly older Canon 70D can be a tough one; the Canon T6s has a br…

Source: Canon T6s vs 70D: Which Should You Buy? | Light And Matter