There has been a tremendous number of articles and a lot of interest in the use of ketamine in the treatment of depression and chronic pain. This prompted many drug companies to invest and Johnson and Johnson developed a new product to treat depression. However there are always challenges with new products especially effectiveness, side effects, and cost.

According to Stat+, the new depression treatment with the pharmaceutical esketamine and marketed under the trade name Spravato(TM) was recently approved by the FDA but is potentially too expensive for most people for this drug to be revolutionary. The nasal spray was developed by Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), has a list price of between $590 to $885 per treatment session. Depending on the dosing and the number of sessions, the initial month of therapy can cost from $4,720 to $6,785, while subsequent treatment can cost $2,360 to $3,540. This means the annual cost will run from $33,000 to $49,200.