This is one of my favorite places to go or pick up food in Green Valley/Fairfield.  The staff is friendly and the food and service is always great.  Surprisingly there is rarely any wait.  They have frequent specials which you should always consider.  Some of my favorite include the Sweet Basil Chicken, Mu Yang (BBQ pork) and Volcano Beef (not on the menu but often available on request but be careful, they might think you are my daughter who always orders this).  The Taro Rolls and Soft-Shell Crab are great appetizers.  The Duck and Pumpkin Curry are also delicious.  Last updated March 7, 2017

Phone ahead for take out or a reservation at 707-864-8777

Address is 5089 Business Center Drive #105, Fairfield, CA 94534




Source: Palm Thai Bistro