TeamHealth is one of the nation’s largest physician-staffing companies with 19,000 physicians, Merging hospitalists into a company primarily composed of emergency physicians is proving to be challenging.

Team Health bought IPC in November 2015 for $1.6 billion.  IPC was noted to have higher physician turnover and offers a different salary structure than does Team Health.

TeamHealth reportedly has 3,400 hospital and clinical customers and claims their customers are looking for full-service providers that can manage emergency department and hospitalist duties as well as post discharge solutions.

For example, IPC physicians prior to joining TeamHealth had a smaller percentage of their overall compensation in base salary than did TeamHealth physicians, but they tended to have more of their compensation in bonuses and other performance-based money.

TeamHealth is trying to bring the two models closer together, in part, to improve physician recruitment at IPC. IPC and hospitalists generally tend to have turnover in the 10-15% range. In contrast, emergency room doctors and anesthesiologist, which represent a good portion of TeamHealth’s physician workforce, churn at rates of about 5-6%, he said

Source: New TeamHealth CEO faces IPC integration challenge – Modern Healthcare Modern Healthcare business news, research, data and events