This is an article in the February 20,2016 Daily Republic that features Medic Ambulance’s Community Paramedicine Integrated Healthcare Program that is one of the 12 California Pilot Programs.  This program looks at post hospital discharge of patients with pneumonia, COPD and CHF and works to keep them from having to return to the hospital

VACAVILLE — No one wants to go to the emergency room if they don’t have to and to return within a few weeks is almost unthinkable. But this is the reality for many people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and those at risk for heart failure.Medic Ambulance out of Vallejo is the first company in Solano County to have started a new paramedicine program to help people not have to return to the hospital after being released.“When people are released from the hospital they are given a lot of paperwork. Sometimes their questions get lost in the process,” said James Pierson, vice president of operations for Medic Ambulance.The new program is geared to help patients who were discharged from the hospital by having trained paramedics who have received additional training go to their homes and answer questions, check on medications and look to help them out for a successful recovery and no return to the hospital.

Source: Program helps patients avoid return to hospital