This April 11, 2015 article in Modern Healthcare discusses the lack of interoperability of health IT systems.  This is probably one of the greatest challenges we have in healthcare.

Interoperability of electronic health records remains a bridge too far for many providers, despite more than a decade of federal emphasis on information exchange and $29.1 billion spent on federal EHR incentive payments tied to requirements mandating interoperable systems.

Only 11% of respondents to this year’s 25th annual Modern Healthcare Survey of Executive Opinions on Key Health Information Technology Issues said their organizations were able to routinely exchange electronic patient information with other providers across the country.That meager showing comes 11 years after President George W. Bush created the Office of the National Coordinator for Health In-formation Technology with a mandate to implement a “nationwide interoperable health information technology infrastructure.


Source: Health IT interoperability remains elusive – Modern Healthcare