This article looks at whether electric cars are worth the money.  The article includes several issues to consider depending on where you live.

Having driven electric cars almost exclusively for the past three years, there are a lot of pluses.  There are some negatives as well.

Positives include

  1.  Federal rebates
  2. State rebates
  3. Local electrical company rebates or lower electrical fees
  4. Frequent free charging
  5. HOV lane use
  6. Some decreased tolls
  7. Some parking advantages
  8. No wait in lines gassing up your vehicle


  1.  Charge anxiety (afraid you wont get to where you want to go before you run out of charge
  2. Lack of available charges.  There are more areas to charge but there are also more electrical cars.
  3. Lack of charger at your destination
  4. Need to wait to charge

Source: Electric cars: Are they worth the money?