This article in Sleep Health found an association between sleeping less then 5 hours a night and consumption of caffeinated beverages containing sugar such as energy drinks and sodas.  Interestingly there was no association sound between sleep duration and consumption of teas, fruit juices or diet soft drinks.  It is unclear if the consumption of these drinks leads to the less sleep or those who sleep less feel compelled to consume these beverages.

Thirteen percent of patients reported sleeping 5 or fewer hours per night. In fully adjusted models:
Respondents who slept 5 hours or less had 21% higher consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (relative difference 1.21, 95% CI 1.11-1.32);
When considered by beverage type, caffeinated sugary beverages accounted for this difference; and
No associations were seen between self-reported sleep duration and consumption of 100% juice beverages, tea, or diet drinks.

Source: Short and sweet: Associations between self-reported sleep duration and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among adults in the United States